The Top 5 Mistakes I Made With Penis Enlargement That Got Me ZERO Growth Plus Side-Effects!

Excitement, desperation, and determination were the three things that I felt when I first got started with penis enlargement. My initial thought process was “YES… I am finally going to get that amazing penis size I see in those adult films!” Those 3 feelings blinded me from some pretty important aspects of male enhancement… which ultimately lead to me causing 5 bonehead mistakes! Those mistakes then lead to no growth, side-effects, and me out of some SERIOUS money!

Are you considering enlarging your penis size? If you are, then please do yourself a big favor and read this article in its entirety! You’ll find out those 5 mistakes I made and how you can avoid them yourself. If you simply avoid these mistakes and take my advice, you’ll get that penis size you’ve always wanted… without the headaches and setbacks I had to endure!

Alright, let’s get into those mistakes I STRONGLY recommend you take note of and avoid…

Mistake #1 –

I first wanted to take the easy route and take pills. I saw the plethora of advertisements, I visited the fancy websites, and I saw the outrageous claims made by the manufacturers of these enhancement pills. Unfortunately… I fell for it!

After using pills for some time, I didn’t notice any growth, but I did have a somewhat harder erection. I also suffered from a few side-effects with taking these pills.

Mistake #2 –

Because I had a super thin penis, I then thought pumps would work. I thought this because the websites claimed that pumps “force” blood into your penis causing it to get thicker. Little that I knew, it takes a whole lot more than just having more blood flow!

I also suffered from SEVERAL side-effects while using pumps… plus they were VERY annoying!

Mistake #3 –

I finally found a method that works 100% naturally… but I didn’t stay consistent at first.

I was so excited when I came across the penis enlargement method that helped me finally grow MUCH bigger. However, I didn’t get the results I hoped for when I first began. This is simply because my excitement wore off and I stopped being consistent!

With anything natural, consistency is CRUCIAL!

Mistake #4 –

Besides not staying consistent, I ignored the rest of my health.

It’s very important that you avoid things that can decrease blood circulation (such as smoking and lack of exercise), and you do natural things that helps promote healthy circulation (such as staying active, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet).

By ignoring the rest of my health, I initially didn’t see the results promised. This is because I was drinking enough water and my diet got out of hand!

Mistake #5 –

Last but not least, when I finally got back on track… I thought I could speed up results by working the method for longer periods of time! NOPE! Doing too much of anything is almost always a bad idea… and for this particular situation, I ended up getting pretty sore and had to stop for about a week!

The Good News…

Once I wised up and stopped making those mistakes above, in just under 8 weeks time, I ended up growing 2 extra inches (from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches), I expanded the girth of my penis, my erections are rock hard and muscular looking, and I no longer get embarrassed with premature ejaculation.

Also, and this is VERY important, all the results I gained have lasted PERMANENTLY (and it’s been about 3 years since I finished the program)!

Now that’s what happens when you go the natural route. However, most guys want to go with what’s “hot”. They fall for the lies that adult film stars used those ineffective dangerous methods and think that if they do the same, they’ll look just like them. Little that they know, adult film stars either got to the size they are at with surgery, the natural method I used, or they were blessed with good genetics. Adult film stars stay away from tools since those tools have to be used prior to sex… every time… and then they don’t work effectively… and they cause soreness!

Bottom line, if you avoid making the mistakes I made, and if you also stay natural with penis enlargement, I can assure you, results are bound to happen… safely, significantly, and permanently.

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WARNING: The program I used was very effective. If you start to grow more than 1 inch in a weeks time, please stop using the program for 24-48 hours.

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