Is It Possible To Grow A Permanently Larger Penis Size Inexpensively? (Top 4 FAQs Answered)

What would your life be like if you were to grow a permanently larger penis size and you improved your sexual performance? Would you have more confidence around women or your significant other? Would you have mind-blowing sex and cause her to reach MULTIPLE orgasms… every time? How about all the above?

You’re darn skippy it’s all the above!

Getting a bigger manhood has changed my life dramatically. Everything I mentioned above has happened for me… and many other men as well. However, for a lot of men who start the journey to getting bigger, those amazing benefits I mentioned above DO NOT happen… and the reason why is because they choose the wrong method. Even more, they choose methods that not only don’t work… but are also VERY expensive.

The question is: Can you get a permanently larger endowment with a penis enlargement method… that actually WORKS… and at the same time won’t cause you to go broke? Continue reading below as I answer 4 common questions men ask on this topic…

How much do popular methods cost and do they work?

Popular methods are pumps, extenders, and pills. Bottom line, all of those methods DO NOT work for getting COMPLETE male enhancement. This means increasing your length, increasing girth, developing a firmer erection… and more.

The reason why is pretty clear…

Pumps help increase blood flow… and that’s it. Extenders just pull on your penis making it sore. Pills also just increase blood flow… and that’s it.

You see, having more blood flow is important, but it takes more than just that in order to get a bigger package.

As far as extenders are concerned, I wouldn’t even bother considering those devices.

Now, as far as the costs, the average price for the more “higher quality” tools can cost somewhere around $200-$400. The average cost for pills is around $100 A MONTH for the better brands.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that paying that much for something that doesn’t work effectively… just doesn’t make any sense!

What are the only PERMANENT and effective enlargement methods out there?

There are only 2 guaranteed effective and permanent methods out there. One is surgery and the other is natural techniques that you perform on your penis using just your hands.

Surgery works primarily by having implants placed into your penile shaft to make it thicker and a little longer. This method has a few reported side-effects (such as developing a deformed penis, permanent scarring, and more). The recovery time with surgery is typically around 2 months (and no sex or masturbation is permitted during recovery).

Natural techniques work by stimulating your penile shaft to make it thicker, extending your ligament to make it longer, increasing blood flow for growth and harder erections, and stimulating the PC muscle to fix premature ejaculation plus other things (such as improving the health of your prostate). There are no side-effects and no recovery time with this method.

How much would these permanent and effective methods cost me?

Surgery costs around $5,000-$10,000.

To learn how to do those natural techniques, it costs roughly $50… once.

Which of these effective methods has a money back guarantee?

Programs that teach you those natural techniques generally have a 60 day money back guarantee. As with just about every medical procedure, there is no such thing as a money back guarantee. This of course would suck VERY badly if the procedure didn’t produce the results you wanted!

Bottom Line…

I personally used natural techniques to grow bigger… and this was after suffering from side-effects and no growth using pumps and pills. I managed to grow 2 extra inches plus I fixed other issues I had (such as premature ejaculation) in just around 2 months. Based off the above and what has happened for me (plus many other men), clearly choosing a natural method is the smartest… but yet more affordable option. Go figure.

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