Do You Have A Penis Size That Makes You Embarrassed To Take Your Clothes Off? (Try THIS)

Most men will only admit this to themselves, but having a small penis size is something that causes some pretty serious anxiety. I know this was most definitely the case for myself a few years ago before I enlarged my penis size naturally!

I had a pretty small fully erected penis at about 5 1/2 inches and it was also a thin erection as well. To make matters worse, I had a VERY tiny flaccid size (I was a grower… not a shower). You could just imagine how embarrassed I was to take my clothes off with me being erected… and DEFINITELY if I was still flaccid!

Because this anxiety was getting to me, and before I enlarged my size, there were some things I was doing to help me deal with feeling overwhelmingly embarrassed every time I took my clothes off prior to sex. Continue reading to learn more.

First Tip…

The first thing I recommend you do prior to sex is to give her lots of incredibly stimulating foreplay. This means kissing, caressing, dirty talk, rubbing her nipples and clitoris, fingering, and if it’s something you do, go oral and lick her clitoris. Another HUGE tip is to do 3 things at once (lick her clitoris, rub her breasts with one hand, and finger her with your other hand). This works like crazy!

Having her extremely stimulated (moaning, groaning, screaming, etc.) will distract her as you take your clothes off, and it will more likely help her with reaching an orgasm.

Second Tip…

This tip may be obvious to her that you’re embarrassed about your size, but if you do it in a smooth way, you shouldn’t have any worries. What I recommend you do is to either romantically or aggressively (like in a steamy sexy way) take her clothes off first before taking all of your clothes off…

As you are taking off all her clothes, take off one piece of your clothing at a time until you get down to your boxers or briefs. Once you’ve reached this point, either turn the light off and then take off your underwear, or quickly take your underwear off, stay low, and then get into bed and quickly start kissing her to distract her from seeing your penis.

Third Tip…

Toughen up, be honest, and tell your significant other that you feel uncomfortable about having a small penis size, and then ask her how does she fell about it. You may be surprised to hear that she doesn’t really care at all how small your size is, just as long as you are good in bed and don’t ejaculate too quickly…

Of course, if you suffer from premature ejaculation and you don’t know many sex positions or how to stroke inside her vagina to effectively stimulate her vaginal walls, then this is something else you’re going to have to fix.

What To Do If You Just Want That Alpha Male Confidence

Now, the first tip above is something I recommend you do no matter what. However, if you want to just have more confidence and CONSISTENTLY stimulate your significant other until the point of her reaching MULTIPLE glass shattering screaming orgasms, then I strongly suggest that you NATURALLY enhance all areas of your manhood.

Now, the first rule to follow if you want to do this is take note of those 7 key words I just mentioned (naturally enhance all areas of your manhood).

This means that you will NEVER get effective, safe, guaranteed, and permanent penis enlargement unless you are following those 7 extremely important words.

You can enhance your penis size by up to 4 extra inches in length, make your erection much more thicker, make your flaccid size hang low, get muscular looking veins on your penis, fix premature ejaculation, and more.

The bad news is that just about every enlargement method you probably know about will not make the above happen (tools, pills, patches, creams, etc.)! The good news is that if you choose NATURAL penis enlargement, ALL of the above will happen… guaranteed. The key to getting results is to stay consistent and choose the right program.

I personally saw a 2 inch increase in length, extra thickness, an end to premature ejaculation, and my orgasms are incredibly intense. Also, I’m a whole lot more confident now when taking my clothes, and my significant other is most certainly enjoying the “new me”.

Bottom Line…

If you’re tired of being embarrassed every time you take your clothes off, then give those 3 tips above a try. If you want to just improve the size of your erection and skyrocket your confidence level, then natural penis enlargement can help you. The key thing to remember is to do SOMETHING. Having sexual anxiety is something to take seriously.

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