Can You Naturally Get A PERMANENTLY Bigger Penis Size Without Surgery? (FAQs Answered)

What would it mean to you to get a bigger penis size… PERMANENTLY? Would it be having greater confidence? Would it be having the ability to make your significant other reach screaming orgasms? Or both?

Now that you have your answer to that question, the question now is: Is it possible to get bigger without surgery, and if so, what’s going to work? Continue reading this article here as I answer 4 common questions most men have on this topic…

Isn’t surgery or good genetics the only way to a bigger penis size?

No. They are simply two of the most guaranteed ways to get bigger. But they are certainly not the only way.

Why isn’t it a good move to go under the knife?

Well, if you opt for surgery, there are many caveats that you are going to have to endure. Here are just SOME of those caveats:

1.) Surgical procedures can’t guarantee how bigger you’ll get once the procedure is done. You MAY get a 1/2 inch increase, a 1 inch increase, etc.

2.) Most men suffer from VERY serious side-effects when getting the procedure done.

3.) If you want the full package (both length and girth), you must have 2 procedures done.

4.) The price for these procedures is more ideal for celebrities!

5.) The healing process after surgery can be very tedious, painful, lengthy (up to 3 months), and you can’t have sex while healing (talk about a catch 22)!

Now, since surgery may not seem like a good option for the average Joe, I’m sure you’re probably thinking that one of those tools or taking enhancement pills will get you those results you’ve wanted, right?


I’ll explain why next…

If common methods aren’t that effective, then why are these companies still in business?

First, common methods are highly ineffective because…

Tools and pills focus on single aspects of enhancing the manhood. In most cases, it’s just to force more blood into the penile shaft. The problem here is that for one, just having a forced increase of blood doesn’t do much but help fix erectile dysfunction. Second, focusing on just one part of enlargement will just about always lead to side-effects (such as a disfigured erection, impotence, and more).

Second, these companies are still in business because…


Us men are very quick to jump on just about anything claiming that it can increase our sizes! But besides that, a very small percentage of men have experienced a slight increase in growth, and these companies piggyback off that small percentage of men with exaggerated testimonials.

With that being said…

What does it take to naturally get bigger without surgery or ineffective methods?

After reading this article, you’re probably thinking: “How exactly am I going to grow bigger when it seems as if just about everything out there is either too expensive, too dangerous, and just plain ineffective”?

Well, the good news is that there is something you can do… and it has been proven to work effectively for close to 90% of men that did it. That “something” is called NATURAL male enhancement.

Natural enhancement is where you stimulate your penile shaft, increase blood flow naturally, naturally extend your penile ligament, and stimulate the muscle that controls your ejaculation (the pubococcygeus muscle).

When you naturally stimulate those areas above… TOGETHER… and if you stay consistent, you are essentially guaranteed a longer (up to 4 extra inches), thicker, and harder erection, a bigger flaccid hanging size, and as a bonus… you fix ejaculating too quickly, having a weak erection, and more.

What to take from the above is to never feel hopeless that you won’t be able to grow bigger because you either must have good genetics or VERY DEEP pockets to go in for surgery. You can most certainly get a bigger penis size by simply going the natural route… and what’s even better is that you don’t suffer from side-effects, your results last PERMANENTLY, and you don’t spend anywhere near the amount of surgery or other enlargement methods.

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